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Tanning is your body’s natural defense against sunburns. It’s what your body was designed to do! But going from a body of sun-deprived skin to a gorgeous, natural tan isn’t always foolproof. So when our clients ask us how to tan, we focus on educating tanners in what we call “Smart Tanning.”
The golden rule of smart tanning is: Don’t Ever Burn!
Talk to our expert Tanning Consultants about how to tan in our indoor tanning equipment without reddening your skin. We use a process called skin typing to determine what category your skin falls under to determine the equipment and lotions that will work best for you. In addition, we recommend the tanning bed tips below to prepare your skin before each session, protect it during, and enhance your tan after.

A great way to extend, enhance, and complete your tan is with a daily moisturizer and body wash. These products help your skin hold on the color.
Stay away from products with mineral oil for daily use. It doesn’t allow your skin to absorb moisture- from the air or from your accelerator when you tan.
Extenders give your skin back the important nutrients that you lose while tanning, and they complete the perfect tanning process!

Your face skin continues down to your bust line, so facial products work there if you’re having problems tanning your chest.
You can also use any of our face products daily as a moisturizer. It is like a 2 for 1 deal! They contain anti-aging ingredients and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, just like the products you would buy from a department store.
You can also use your facial accelerator on your feet because its accelerating ingredients are more highly concentrated.

Professional accelerators can also help accelerate an outdoor tan as well during the summer months!
Mix it up! Avoid using the same accelerator time after time- this can cause your skin to become accustomed to the same formula.
All hot action/tingle lotions are step two, so they should be used after you have achieved a base tan and have hit your tanning plateau.
If you use bronzers, wait 2-4 hours to shower. Also, make sure you rub in circular motions, this eliminates streaks!
Accelerators help replenish what UV rays take away. Some also contain aroma-therapies, tighteners, firmers, diamond dust, and bronzers to give an added glow!
Do NOT leave accelerators in your car, cold and hot weather prematurely activates the ingredients.
Always use an accelerator when tanning. Because UV light reflects off dry skin, not using accelerator can mean your tanning process may not begin until 4-5 minutes into your tanning session!

If you don’t tan your face, flip your feet around to place them under the face lamps for extra color.

SPF is great for tattoos and preventing them from fading!

By law, you must use protective eyewear. Bring your own, or buy them at our salon

Use lip balm – lips can burn easily!

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